About Us

How it began:
Jessica Gomes was born and raised on Cape Cod, MA. After graduating from culinary arts school in Saint Augustine Florida, Jessica returned to the Cape and began creating artful pastries and vintage style wedding cakes described by a fellow artist as "baroque".
After the birth of her first son, Jessica decided to retire from pastry artwork, instead focusing her creative energy on designing jewelry while at home, using a combination of Swarovski Crystal and other high quality components.
Well, one referral led to another, jewelry parties were hosted, retailers were supplied, another son was born, fashion shows were accessorized...and now The Beaded Wire, JG, Salty Girl Jewels and the Denim+ Pearl Collections are available at select boutiques and Spa's throughout The United States. Each unique piece is still created by Jessica and her team in her Cape home studio.
Meet the team!! 
Joy Pennington
Claire Luchini
Susan Renkainen
Michelle Duprey- New England
The Beaded Wire
Ana Vicuna- Rhode Island
The Beaded Wire, JG, Denim+Pearl
Account Management and Bookkeeping:
Claire Stover
Photography Network:
Sanja Momcilovic Duarte
Pedro Blanco
Make Up Network:
Kimberly Richards
Eva Oseva